Climbing out of the 1930’s Depression, I am in the last generation, who can remember the impact of a world at war. A war that rattled the structure of our daily lives for years, much more than the Vietnam War or anything since, at least in America.

I am the…

poor georgies almanack

This is a brief summary of something I sent to my family this morning …

News and social media are splashing millions of images showing The University of Cape Town’s treasured library being wildly consumed by massive flames.

In that library, while visiting cousins Linda and Bill…


Washington: Please immediately create “OPERATION TEACHER SAFETY.”

Assign military to help get kids back in school FAST.

The military can support a nationwide “crash” program of teacher Covid flu shots and school-wide testing (staff and students) … also help upgrade school buildings using the $130 billion allocation in the stimulus bill.

FDR would love it. Fast, targeted action.

(Thanks, author/historian Harvey Meyerson for ideas.)

poor georgie’s almanack

poor georgie’s almanack


A couple days ago poor georgie’s almanack proposed that Trump, and his trumpets, and “trumpettes” blew the corona virus thing.

I received a virus shot last week at a hospital that is part of the vast…

poor georgie’s almanack

On Jan. 6 a mob of duped miscreants attempted to capture the Congress … apparently aiming to kill some. From our balcony, about 10 miles away, just above the tree line we could see what looked like a tiny fragile twig reaching for the heavens. It was “The Statue of Freedom” atop the Capitol Building. Today she appears to be sinking back into the stinking swamp of partisan gridlock.

poor georgie’s almanack

Democracy is on life-support and we are running out of oxygen.

reuters photo

poor georgie’s almanack

The virus makes brain-like decisions on who and how to attack. It appears to cleverly mutate when threatened. Is Covid the super-intelligent alien Sci-Fi told us to fear?

photo: wikimedia

george kroloff

Senior positions on Senate Staff, Washington Post, US Post Office, Chicago Chamber of Commerce, Washington DC PR firms. Chair and board of profits & non profits

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